How it works

A members-only home sharing community

Stay in curated homes for a fraction of the cost.

How memberships works

Kindred is a community of members sharing their real homes.

  • Everyone is vetted

    You must apply with your home and get accepted to join the community, and all members must verify their identity before taking a trip.

  • Everyone hosts

    Unlike short term rental sites, all members must host their own home to travel, so everyone has skin in the game. 90% of homes on Kindred are primary residences.

How traveling works

Spend credits when you travel. Earn credits when you host.

1 Night = 1 Credit
  • Interior of a Barcelona getaway showing on the Kindred app, where one credit per night lets you book from over 40,000+ homes worldwide.

    Spend credits to book available homes

    Browse from a selection of 40,000+ homes worldwide. You’ll spend 1 credit per night to book a member home.

    All new members start with 5 credits
  • Hosting schedule on the Kindred app, illustrating how hosting earns you credits per night, handled seamlessly by Kindred while you’re away.

    Host members to earn more credits

    You’ll earn 1 credit per night you host. We’ll take care of cleaning and all the logistics while you’re away.

★ Member Pro Tip: Swap 1:1

Swapping just makes sense - no need to use credits, AND you come home to a professionally cleaned house. A cherry on top after your holiday!
- Meadow, 10+ nights on Kindred

Traveling FAQs

  • Can I buy credits?

    No, you can’t buy credits on Kindred. This makes sure everyone on the platform is treated as equals and keeps our sharing economy running. You can earn credits by hosting and referrals.

  • Can I use Kindred without hosting?

    To stay in a Kindred home, you’ll need to exchange credits or swap homes. There are two main ways to earn credits on Kindred: hosting and referring. For every night you host, you earn one credit. For every friend you refer who is accepted, you earn two credits. Light on credits? You can arrange to swap 1:1 with another member at the same time, and neither of you will need to use any credits!

How pricing works

There’s no membership fee. Just pay a cleaning & service fee per trip.

Travel more with radically affordable stays.

Where do you want to go?

How long for?

Cost breakdown
Service fee
Cleaning fee

★ Member Pro Tip: Long stays

Kindred allows for a new type of living! We got to stay a whole month in Portugal living like locals, and spent less than we would have for two nights at a hotel.
- Mo & Mel, 50+ nights on Kindred

Pricing FAQs

  • Is there a membership fee?

    There is no membership fee. You only pay for the cleaning and service fee when you take a trip. When you are a host, the guest covers the cleanings in your home.

  • What does the cleaning and service fee cover?

    The cleaning fee is paid for by the guest and covers a cleaning before and after their trip. Cleanings include laundering sheets and towels, bathroom & kitchen surfaces, clearing the trash, etc. The service fee is how Kindred powers the platform and remains running as a business - it covers the operational costs of arranging cleanings, providing host protection, and making all Kindred trips possible.

How hosting works

Leave the keys. We take care of everything else.

  • Smartphone app interface on Kindred displaying the feature for users to review and approve hosting requests, ensuring a secure home swapping experience.

    Approve everyone who stays in your home

    All members in the network are verified. You’ll be able to review each guest’s profile and approve or decline each hosting request.

  • Kindred’s welcome kit, featuring premium linens, luxurious Aesop toiletries, and other must-have essentials.

    We’ll send you linens, towels and toiletries for your guests

    We’ll ship you a hosting kit with sheets, a duvet cover, towels, bath mats, and other goodies for your guests. Each time you have a guest, we also send a toiletry kit to make their stay extra comfy.

  • Elegant living room prepared for guests, with cleaning services organized by Kindred to maintain pristine conditions before and after visits.

    We’ll coordinate cleanings before and after your guests

    Leave without having to worry about getting your home in tip top shape, and return to sparkling floors. We’ll schedule one of our vetted cleaners based on your departure and return times and handle all coordination.

$100,000 host guarantee

Share your home with peace of mind with comprehensive coverage up to $100,000 for any accidental damage and a hassle-free claims process.

Hosting FAQs

  • Do I need to remove my personal belongings when I host?

    Absolutely not! Our members understand that this is a home and not a vacation rental - so don’t worry about having clothes in your closets, pictures on your walls, or stuff in your drawers. We only ask that any unnecessary clutter be tucked away. Kindred will organize professional cleanings before & after each trip to ensure a seamless hosting experience.

  • How do I coordinate access?

    You can use the app to create access instructions for your home, which both cleaners and guests will follow. The most popular methods for granting access to your home include using a lockbox, door code, or leaving a key with a doorman. Kindred provides free lockboxes to assist you in getting ready to host, just ask for one.

  • What happens if something gets damaged during a trip?

    Because Kindred is based on reciprocity, it fosters a community with a higher level of trust & mutual respect for one another’s home than a rental platform. That said, we know that accidents happen – and we are dedicated to supporting all members in the event of accidental damage. Kindred automatically includes $100,000 in Host Protection Coverage for each trip in the event of any accidental damage. In addition to our Host Protection policy, we also require that all members have an active renters or homeowners insurance policy for additional coverage.

Screenshot of the Kindred app’s concierge chat feature where users can receive help with booking and hosting, highlighting the support available for travelers.

Dedicated concierge

Questions about a trip you’d like to book? Need to change your departure time? We’ve helped thousands of members host and stay on Kindred.

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