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  • Swap homes and travel freely with Kindred - Find and book a stylish home in desired locations with ease using custom filters for any destination and date.
  • Access 20,000+ real homes globally with Kindred - Detailed view of a chic Barcelona apartment listing, highlighting the vast selection of authentic and cozy accommodations available for swapping.
  • Explore over 50+ cities with Kindred - A visual selection of top travel destinations including iconic landmarks from Los Angeles to Paris, available for home swapping on the app.
  • Authentic homes owned by real people on Kindred - Profile section showing genuine hosts, emphasizing personal and unique travel stays unlike managed properties found on platforms like Airbnb
  • Affordable and sustainable travel with Kindred - Compare the cost of staying in a bright and modern living space for a fraction of traditional rental or hotel pricing.
  • Easy hosting on Kindred - Showcasing a user-friendly guide for listing your home, emphasizing the support provided for cleaning and preparation to ensure a welcoming experience for guests.

Kindred is a members-only home swapping network that harnesses the power of a trusted community to unlock a lifestyle rich with travel and human connection. By exchanging homes and apartments with peers, both renters and owners alike can access the opportunity to travel freely between vetted homes across North America and Europe. Available on iOS, Android, and web.